Water Country USA to Busch Gardens!

I just recently moved into my new house. It has been great so far. We had a house warming ceremony and we have family friends who made it to join the celebrations. Then, my family and 4 other families have planned to go to Water Country USA and Busch Gardens together. First, We went to Water Country USA and stayed there till they closed, which was 7:00 PM. Water Country USA is very relaxing and enjoyable. All the rides were spectacular but the rides also have very long lines as you get to the middle of the day. I suggest to reach there early in the morning between 10:00 and 10:30. My favorite rides were all of the ones where you sit in a circle tube and slide. Few of those ride names are Aquazoid, Big Daddy Falls, Colossal Curl, Jet Scream, Malibu Pipeline, Meltdown, and Wild Thang. If I had to choose a favorite in those rides it would be Malibu Pipeline. Malibu Pipeline is a black water slide and in some parts it turns pitch black in the tunnels. I went backwards on it the whole time and it was very, very amusing!

I would really suggest going to Water Country USA because it is a really great place and the Hubba Hubba Highway is a really great place to relax at the end. Also go on Surfer’s Bay which is Virginia’s biggest wave pool.

On the second day we went to Busch Gardens. My favorite ride there would be the Invader. The Invader is made out of wood and has a 74 foot drop. The ride was really mind-blowing and it goes really fast. The Apollo’s Chariot is the fastest and biggest roller coaster in Busch Gardens. It is 315 feet high with a drop down which goes 73 mph and the drop is 210 feet. The 4 biggest drops in Busch Gardens would be on the Apollo’s Chariot, the Griffon, the Alpengeist, and Verbolten. Busch Gardens has 3 water rides and we only got to ride on 2 of them. The first ride we went on was called Escape From Pompeii.  It was so creepy and amazing at the same time. Inside of that there are electric flames and you can feel the heat in there. At the end their is about a 50 foot drop that is very sudden into the the water. If you go to Busch Gardens also go on The Battering Ram and Da Vinci’s Cradle which are the crazy breath-taking rides. Just saying that Busch Gardens has special theme events every season. I went in the beginning of summer and the theme was Battle for Eire Action VR ride which was very cool and will be a ride every season now. I would also suggest Busch Gardens but I loved Water Country USA better than Busch Gardens because I got to do more stuff their and I love playing in the water. If you are water person then I would really suggest Water Country USA. Also, when I went there it was like 90-95 degrees outside and the water helped go through it. I’m not going to tell you a whole about this place because I want you to go and experience the fun. I hope you go to these places in Williamsburg, VA and enjoy it.

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