Spring Poem

Hey birds!

Today’s post is another poem. It’s about Spring.

Spring is my favorite season because it is very pleasing!

For a fun fact, did you know that the flower that represents Spring are the Daffodils.
Spring symbolizes new life. Spring is colorful and fun too. Now that you know some facts about Spring…

I hope you enjoy my poem!


A season where the flowers bloom
A season where the Sun is bright in the afternoon
A season where the animals come out
A season where the buds start to sprout
Good bye Winter, Spring is here

With longer, brighter days
The Sun shines with its beautiful rays
Kids come out to have some fun
They play games, but just not one
Good bye Winter, Spring is here

Spring is the time to cheer
Where all the smiles start to appear
The animals are peeking
While the squirrels are acorn seeking
Good bye Winter, Spring is here

The creatures that were asleep
Heard Spring and came out with a leap
With the joy, the bees didn’t sting
But the birds started to sing
Good bye Winter, finally it’s Spring

Please comment what you think about this poem. Also, if you have any poems, you can send them to me so I can post them here
(all credit is yours).

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