Soccer : The Most Popular Sport Ever

Soccer is my favorite sport (motivation for writing this article) and it can be yours too. Soccer can bring joy in kids and can help kids have fun and help them in learning better skills.

In a soccer game, there are 2 teams and in each team there are about 11-12 players. Soccer is played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries which makes it the worlds most famous sport. Soccer has been an Olympic sport since the 1900’s. A soccer ball is made out of 32 panels and the 32 panels stand for all of the countries in Europe. Soccer was originated in Europe.

Soccer is a sport when girls/boys come together and play, a team sport. The sport soccer is played by only using your legs and feet, except the goalie because the goalie is allowed to use their hands to stop the ball from coming into the net. They can also use their hands when they want to punt the ball.

Soccer is played with many positions. The positions are forward, right back, right midfielder, goalkeeper, striker, left midfielder, and defensive midfielder. The most common ways to kick a soccer ball is with your laces, the sides of your feet and the side of the toe. The side of the toe is mostly used when punting. Players use the side of  the foot when they pass the ball. If you want to kick hard or far then you could use your laces. When dribbling you have to keep the ball near by you, but not too close. If you kick the ball far then you loose the control and another player can get it and it can be some one in your team or another person’s team. Soccer is a fun sport and you can learn many tricks.

Soccer can be played by grown ups too. The most experienced people do many tricks like kicking the ball in the air very very high, also they can trick others with the skills they learned and they will have great control over the ball. Every player has to exercise and do warm ups before they start playing the game. Also, while playing soccer the players need to keep their head up.

You or anyone can be a good soccer player with lots of practice and dedication towards the game. One of the most famous soccer player is Lionel Messi. Messi can do lot of tricks and he probably learned with a lot and a lot of practice and dedication to be a good player. If you keep practicing and keep learning the soccer skills then then you can get into big soccer tournaments which can be played around the world.



So, Lace up your shoes and get ready to learn few soccer skills…It’s fun…

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