Maker Faire Poster!

I hope you seen the last 2 posts because if you didn’t then you will have no idea what I will be talking about in this post. So, it is better if you read the posts before you read this post.                                                                  You know how my group created the faux fur, well my group won the judging and now we are going to the county maker faire. The way how the county maker faire goes is that first you have to make a document. The county people will send the document and you have to fill out your research, schematic 1 & 2, your groups plan, and difficulties you had. After, you are done filling that out your teacher will send the document to the county maker faire people.                   The next step is too make a poster for your group with your team name on it (my group name: Don’t Prefer the FUR!). We did our poster on word. Then you have to put pictures to describe what you did and put 2-4 facts. We changed the font and colors and then we were done. My teacher checked over the work and she sent it to the place where we are going to present it.                                                                                                                              It was really fun working with my friends and my school that I go to is called Mays Chapel Elementary School.

Click The Link On The Right to see picture: 5th Grade- Mays Chapel_ Maker Faire Poster

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