Last Day of School!

Hey! I just had my last day of school on June 15th, 2018. It was so fun because we didn’t have to do any work. All we did was clean up the room and watch some memories that we had during the school year. We also could draw and do anything we wanted basically. I helped clean and when I finished I did free time and started a comic book with my friends. I had my graduation on the 13th but I decided to come back to school because I had nothing to do at home. It was a good choice because I had a lot of fun. After graduation, I had to go to a pool party with my friends and I carpooled with them. When we got to the pool, the water was freezing. The pool party was great but then we had to leave because at the pool they were about to start a club practice for the people who joined and the pool we went to was a club pool. This happened after graduation. The next 2 days were half days but we still got recess because we had nothing else to do. After recess we basically did the same thing we did in the morning before recess. We also go to sign yearbooks which was one of the fun parts. The year book has almost all of the memories all the grades had this whole year. For the 5th graders, we had to send a baby picture if we wanted to and that would go in the yearbook too. l will going to Ridgley Middle School with over 1,000 students. My elementary school only has about 760 students. We watched the movie Wonder at the end of the day and we loved it. After that, it was time to pack up. I knew I was going to miss my school but I also knew I will have a great time at my new Middle School. I will also make great friends there. 

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