Golden Tortoise Beetle (Found in India!)

Have you ever heard of the Golden Tortoise Beetle? I am sure many of us don’t know what it is, so I’m going to tell you about it. To begin with, my aunt and grandmother found this beetle in India, when we visited during winter break. It was in the curry leaves (Native Plant of India) they were picking through. While returning back to America I took the beetle with me. It survived all the check-ins, the airplane rides and it came home with us, all the way. My mom and I did a little research on the internet about the beetle and we found that the beetle is distributed in eastern North America and not India. Then I was so surprised because we found the beetle in India! I was wondering how it got there and how it survived because it is in a whole other continent/environment. Now, if you are curious to know more about the beetle then keep reading about it in the text.

The beetle comes in many colors like red and orange. They are variable in color from reddish-brown with black spots through gold, and often metallic. They are very beautiful creatures and on the scale they are pretty common. Golden tortoise beetles eat various types of plants like cabbage, strawberry leaves, eggplant leaves, raspberry leaves, corn, and sweet potato leaves. They are beautiful bugs! They grow up to 5-7 mm in length. Also, they do move slow but they are pretty to look at. The family it comes from is called Chrysomelidae. The subfamily it comes from is called Cassidinae. golden.jpg

The golden tortoise beetle is native to the Americas. The weather they like is warm weather and not the cold. The states they are mostly found are Iowa, Texas, and Florida. As you can tell all of these areas are warm or hot places. Now I know how I found the beetle in India because India is a hot place to live in and the beetle likes hot places.

So, that is it about the Golden Tortoise Beetle but right now unfortunately my beetle died πŸ™ because of the cold weather in America, right now it is peak winter. Bbbbrrrrr…


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