Don’t PreFur Animal Fur: Part 1

Did you know that humans kill animals for fur?  These little CUTE and HARMLESS animals! That is true and I am telling you about animal fur because I am working on this with my friends for a project in school called Maker Faire. My group thinks that their should be a stop to this and that there should be a law for no killing animals for fur. We have created a list of things of why there should be no killing animals for fur. We also made a design with a package bubble wrap, broken umbrella, and a  feathery like material. We need support to help the environment and the animals that do nothing to us. We kill animals to make us feel good and they die because of it.  Just take a look at that picture and write down how you feel. It is SAD! These animals have families just like we do! Please help out with this and make animal lives better. Also, did you know that about 1.1 million animals die every year because of humans killing them for fur? Also, with that 1.1 million animals it adds the part where humans just kill animals for protection. if you agree with any of this please comment and tell me how you feel, if you can help, and what you think of it. Also, we made a word document of reasons for why there should not be killing animals for fur. Some of the reasons are down below.

Reasons why this is a bad thing:

  1. Without animals the environment is going to be not fun because there is nothing to explore
  2. It destroys food chains and the outside world
  3. It’s Just really sad for animals to die
  4. We wouldn’t be learning new things or be discovering things
  5. Fur farms produce 1 million pounds of feces and that goes into oceans and in forests which harms the environment.

There are many more reasons why this is a bad thing but if you can help with this please do and read the next blog on what we made to solve this.

Thank You!

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